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SPX 2015 Recap

I left this year’s SPX feeling good about the world of comics and my place in it. Can’t say that’s a common post-con experience. This might be the #1 good vibes show.

I haven’t slept much since Friday night, so I’ll jump right to the highlights.

1. Women sweep the Ignatz for the first time ever
Women won in every category. Can you believe it? I was actually a juror this year. Most of this year’s jury (four out of five) are women. I have to believe this contributed to the high number of women on the ballot. And no one on the jury was a white male. I wonder if that’s a first too?
And what’s kind of awesome is that during the ceremony it didn’t even occur to me that only women were winning. I had to be told the next day. It’s a pretty great moment for women in comics, when something like this happens and it doesn’t even register as being unique.

2. Kilgore Books
I met Dan Stafford and Luke Janes, co-owners of Kilgore Books, and dropped a good chunk of change at their table. I’ve never been to their shop, but I’m a fan of their books (especially anything Noah Van Sciver or John Porcellino). I just learned that they’re selling the store to an employee, will carry on publishing (not unlike Bergen Street).

3. Nostalgia
I did the math and I’ve been going to this show for fifteen years. Well fourteen I guess, because it was cancelled on 9/11. Heck, I’ve been going so long that I remember when I couldn’t go because of 9/11! Don’t believe me? Here’s proof. I was a baby! (Photo via Jeff Mason.)
This year my roommates and I carpooled down to the show with my friend/landlord Nick Bertozzi and friend/not landlord Jason Little. I’ve been hanging out with these guys at convention for well over a decade.
Sorry to get mushy, but it’s friendships fostered at conventions like SPX that’s kept in this crazy world of comics for so long. I’m getting older and I have to admit I’m looking back.

Not to suggest SPX is a lovefest for all involved. Communities like this are near-utopic when you’re on the inside, but watching from the outside is rough. (I’ve been there too.) I know there are people who don’t feel a sense of belonging at SPX. (I’d guess, those who are unable to get a table year after year). I’d be interested in hearing these voices too.

But let’s get to the fun part: pictures.

Chuck Forsman and Melissa Mendes of Oily. Lots of good stuff (Revenger, The Weight, the Lou book) on the horizon for both of them.

Dan Stafford and Luke Janes of Kilgore Books

spx15_6s2D Cloud gang: Melissa Carraher (publicist) in the back, author Sarah Ferrick, Raighne Hogan (publisher), and author Maggie Umber. 

One Percent Press: JP Coovert (publisher), Alexis Frederick-Frost (author), Stephen Floyd (publisher).

Revenger 1 by Chuck Forsman Now Available

Revenger.1.prev1_-600x928Revenger #1, the latest comic by Chuck Forsman (from his micro-press, Oily Comics), is now available. Well, to be more specific: the digital version is now available, and the print version is shipping at the end of February.

You can read the comic digitally via Gum Road, Comixology, and Google Play. If you want a print version like me, you’ll have to order it from Gumroad (you’ll get a free digital copy too). There’s also an $18 package that includes a hand-drawn postcard.

Chuck told me he chose to go with Gumroad because it allows him to sell both print and digital editions. Gumroad also allows you to pay above the base price.

Oily Summer Bundle 2014

Chuck Forsman is offering another one of his bundles. Man, that dude publishes a lot of comics. If you have twenty bucks to spare you should spend it here.


Oily Comics on Comixology

I guess this happened back in December, but I just learned about it today. Oily Comics is publishing digitally via Comixology. The excellent Snake Oil #8 was already available on their site (just $0.99!), and Noah Van Sciver’s The Lizard Laughed was just released.


Personally, I have no love for digital comics. The comics I love best are made by hand out of paper. I think books are precious objects, and, as a book lover, I’m seeking that preciousness. But hey, that’s just me. Digital comics serve a purpose and I’m glad Comixology is making material (especially material like this,  published independently in small editions) available to their customers. And, as an archivist of sorts, I recognize the value of having limited edition comics preserved in a form that’s widely accessible.

Fun Fact: I learned from Chuck’s Comixology page that his middle name is Sanford.

Oily Bundle Reviewed on The Beat

Jessica Lee wrote this detailed review of the Spring Oily Bundle for the Beat. Check it out! Pictured below is the Lou series by Melissa Mendes (A Very Special Lou was included in the bundle).


I don’t think (???) I’ve met Jessica Lee before, but I just browsed the articles she’s written for The Beat. Based on the books she chose to profile, I’d say she has great taste and a special interest in micro-publishing. I’d like to meet her. Jessica, holler if ya hear me.

2014 Eisner Nominees and the Small Press

The 2014 Eisner Award nominees were just announced by Comic-Con International. As someone with her eye on micro-publishing and small publishing, these nominees stuck out.

“Seaside Home” from Habit #1 was nominated for Best Short Story (by Josh Simmons, published by Oily Comics).habit.cvr_thumb

As the Crow Flies was nominated for Best Digital/Web (by Melanie Gillman, self-published in print and online).atcf-charlieface

Homesick was nominated for Best Graphic Album-New (by Jason Walz, published by Tinto Press).homesick

Smoke Signal was nominated for Best Anthology (edited by Gabe Fowler, published by Desert Island).Smoke_Signal_Ware

Oily Spring Sale

Oily Comics is offering its first Oily Bundle for 2014. It’s a “kickstarter without the kicking.”



This pre-sale helps make sure the artists are paid and we can offset the cost of printing and supplies. Think of it as kickstarter without the kicking.

Bundle will begin Shipping March 17th, 2014
Limited to 200 pieces. Prints and envelope are exclusive to the bundle.

The Lizard Laughed (28 pages) by Noah Van Sciver
Word and Voice 11 by Aaron Cockle
Ox & Co. by Jeff Lok
title TK by Charles Forsman

Nick Drnaso
Antoine Cosse
Jessica Campbell
Bundle Envelope by Alex Schubert


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P.S. I hope to add a few more items in the next few weeks to sweeten the pot.