Oily Comics on Comixology

I guess this happened back in December, but I just learned about it today. Oily Comics is publishing digitally via Comixology. The excellent Snake Oil #8 was already available on their site (just $0.99!), and Noah Van Sciver’s The Lizard Laughed was just released.


Personally, I have no love for digital comics. The comics I love best are made by hand out of paper. I think books are precious objects, and, as a book lover, I’m seeking that preciousness. But hey, that’s just me. Digital comics serve a purpose and I’m glad Comixology is making material (especially material like this,  published independently in small editions) available to their customers. And, as an archivist of sorts, I recognize the value of having limited edition comics preserved in a form that’s widely accessible.

Fun Fact: I learned from Chuck’s Comixology page that his middle name is Sanford.

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