Oily Bundle Reviewed on The Beat

Jessica Lee wrote this detailed review of the Spring Oily Bundle for the Beat. Check it out! Pictured below is the Lou series by Melissa Mendes (A Very Special Lou was included in the bundle).


I don’t think (???) I’ve met Jessica Lee before, but I just browsed the articles she’s written for The Beat. Based on the books she chose to profile, I’d say she has great taste and a special interest in micro-publishing. I’d like to meet her. Jessica, holler if ya hear me.

2 responses to “Oily Bundle Reviewed on The Beat

  1. The writer for the beat says: “It’s hard to convince me to not contribute to the growing number of small press comic subscriptions–every season there seems to be even more great material…”

    Is this true? Who is offering subscriptions (besides King Cat), and where do I find them? I looked on the Oily site and found only individual issues for sale. Was there a ‘subscribe’ button that I missed?

  2. These days, a lot of micro-presses run subscription sales that are only available for a limited time. That’s what Oily did. Yeah Dude, Space Face, and Youth in Decline have done something similar. Some use Kickstarter, some don’t. Retrofit’s subscriptions seem to be available in the longterm. Alec Longstreth offers subscriptions, but, off the top of my head, I can’t think of any other self-publishers who do.

    If anyone else has thoughts, please chime in!

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