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My New Gig, My Old Gig

This blog isn’t really about me, so I try not to talk about myself too much. But here’s a little news: I’m now an assistant editor at First Second. I’ve got a nameplate and everything (with moomintroll and an original Jon Chad drawing).


I’d been working at the First Second office one day a week since August. At the end of the year I got the opportunity take on this editor position. I’ve worked for a few comics publishers in New York, and I’ve never found a better fit than this. I love their books, and I love the team.

But I did have to make a hard decision: I had to step away from my weekly gig at Desert Island. (And sorry, no, you cannot have my old job. Tyler Boss, who started working for Desert Island last fall, has taken over my old shift.) I’ll still be at Desert a couple of times a month, working the register and handling the consignment. It’s hard to walk away from the coolest job in Brooklyn.


For those of you who are keeping track, I still do paralegal work a few times a week and cat sit regularly. I’m still a very busy person. To be honest, I only have time to blog on my lunch break. But I’ll keep it up.

Whit Taylor on Sustainability and the Convention Model

My boss, Gabe Fowler. (photo by Elizabeth Graham)

Whit Taylor at The Comics Journal wrote this beefy report on CAB and the convention model, and she asked questions that are pertinent to small publishers like me. Is the convention model sustainable? Can small publishers flourish, and can their audience grow? How can the small press stay small without being insular?

It was a great read for me because it got into the mechanics of small press comics distribution, a topic I really nerd out about. For me, an informative article with this kind of scope is pure gold. It would be right up my alley, even if I wasn’t quoted in it a few times.

Triple Release Party at Desert Island

Posts have been spotty here at the Tiny Report. Sorry about that. I just moved into a new apartment and started a new job, so my free time has been little-to-none.

But I’m getting back into the swing of things, starting with a release party for The Tiny Report: Micro-Press Yearbook 2013. It’s a joint release party with my dear friends Hazel Newlevant and Preston Spurlock.

Triple Release Party
with Hazel Newlevant, Robyn Chapman, and Preston Spurlock
Desert Island, 540 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn
Wednesday, October 22, 7-9pm

with readings by the authors and a song by Preston Spurlock

ITBSIf This be Sin by Hazel Newlevant

If This Be Sin is a square-bound collection of comics about queer women expressing themselves through music. It tells the stories of Gladys Bentley, the Harlem Renaissance blues singer and drag king, and Wendy and Lisa, the lesbian rock stars of Prince and the Revolution. Winner of the 2013 Prism Comics Queer Press Grant.


The Tiny Report: Micro-Press Yearbook 2013 by Robyn Chapman

The Tiny Report endeavors to chronicle the comics micro-press movement, and the Micro-Press Yearbook is its annual report. This publication includes a list of over 50 micro-publishers, and data from 40 of those is compiled into charts and graphs.

Robyn will also be debuting the other fall releases from Paper Rocket Minicomics: Limp Wrist and an untitled screen print by Preston Spurlock.

Limp Wrist by Scout Wolfcave and Penina Gal

prestonprintsuntitled screen print by Preston Spurlock

preston_minissTact, Sensual Delicacies 2, and Sensual Delicacies by Preston Spurlock

Preston Spurlock will be debuting three new comics: Tact, Sensual Delicacies, and Sensual Delicacies 2. Each collects drawings, cartoons, and short stories in Preston’s gonzo one-of-a-kind style.

2014 Eisner Nominees and the Small Press

The 2014 Eisner Award nominees were just announced by Comic-Con International. As someone with her eye on micro-publishing and small publishing, these nominees stuck out.

“Seaside Home” from Habit #1 was nominated for Best Short Story (by Josh Simmons, published by Oily Comics).habit.cvr_thumb

As the Crow Flies was nominated for Best Digital/Web (by Melanie Gillman, self-published in print and online).atcf-charlieface

Homesick was nominated for Best Graphic Album-New (by Jason Walz, published by Tinto Press).homesick

Smoke Signal was nominated for Best Anthology (edited by Gabe Fowler, published by Desert Island).Smoke_Signal_Ware

CAB Announces Dates and Opens Table Registration

Act quickly, as this is America’s most coveted independent comics festival.

Comic Arts Brooklyn, hosted by Desert Island
November 8th, 2014
11 AM – 7 PM
Mt. Carmel Church
Williamsburg, Brooklyn



Image by Benjamin Marra