The List

The Tiny Report is trying to create a complete list of all English-language micro-presses (please see What is a Micro-press? for or guidelines).

Please contact me if a Micro-press is missing from this list.

2D Cloud
Adhouse Books
Alternative Comics
Astro Plus Press
Bergen Street Comics
Big Planet Comics
Birdcage Bottom Books
Blackshapes Books 
Breakdown Press
Cardboard Press
Colour Code
Czap Books
Desert Island
Dog City Press
Domino Books
Drippy Bone Books
Floating World Comics
Gaze Books
Good Pals
Grimalkin Press
Hang Dai Editions
Half World Books
Hic and Hoc
Hidden Fortress Press
Hollow Press
Issue Press
Jazz Dad Books
Landfill Editions
La Mano
Milk Money Books
Neoglyphic Media
Northwest Press
Oily Comics
One Percent Press
Paper Rocket Minicomics
Pegacorn Press
Peow! Studio
Pigeon Press
Pity Party Studios
Pikitia Press
Ray Ray Books
Rebus Books
Recoil Comics
Retrofit Comics
Revival House Press
Rigged Books
Rough House Comics
Sacred Prism
Secret Acres
Secret Headquarters
Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club
Smaller Comics
Snakebomb Comix
Sonatina Comics
So What? Press
Space Face Books
Sparkplug Comic Books
Spithouse Publications
Study Group Comic
Sucker Press
Swimmers Group
Tinto Press
Tugboat Press
Yam Books
Yeah Dude
Yeti Press
Youth in Decline

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