Oily Spring Sale

Oily Comics is offering its first Oily Bundle for 2014. It’s a “kickstarter without the kicking.”



This pre-sale helps make sure the artists are paid and we can offset the cost of printing and supplies. Think of it as kickstarter without the kicking.

Bundle will begin Shipping March 17th, 2014
Limited to 200 pieces. Prints and envelope are exclusive to the bundle.

The Lizard Laughed (28 pages) by Noah Van Sciver
Word and Voice 11 by Aaron Cockle
Ox & Co. by Jeff Lok
title TK by Charles Forsman

Nick Drnaso
Antoine Cosse
Jessica Campbell
Bundle Envelope by Alex Schubert


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P.S. I hope to add a few more items in the next few weeks to sweeten the pot.

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