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Revenger 1 by Chuck Forsman Now Available

Revenger.1.prev1_-600x928Revenger #1, the latest comic by Chuck Forsman (from his micro-press, Oily Comics), is now available. Well, to be more specific: the digital version is now available, and the print version is shipping at the end of February.

You can read the comic digitally via Gum Road, Comixology, and Google Play. If you want a print version like me, you’ll have to order it from Gumroad (you’ll get a free digital copy too). There’s also an $18 package that includes a hand-drawn postcard.

Chuck told me he chose to go with Gumroad because it allows him to sell both print and digital editions. Gumroad also allows you to pay above the base price.

Oily Comics on Comixology

I guess this happened back in December, but I just learned about it today. Oily Comics is publishing digitally via Comixology. The excellent Snake Oil #8 was already available on their site (just $0.99!), and Noah Van Sciver’s The Lizard Laughed was just released.


Personally, I have no love for digital comics. The comics I love best are made by hand out of paper. I think books are precious objects, and, as a book lover, I’m seeking that preciousness. But hey, that’s just me. Digital comics serve a purpose and I’m glad Comixology is making material (especially material like this,  published independently in small editions) available to their customers. And, as an archivist of sorts, I recognize the value of having limited edition comics preserved in a form that’s widely accessible.

Fun Fact: I learned from Chuck’s Comixology page that his middle name is Sanford.