Consortium to Distribute Alternative and Secret Acres



I just read some pretty big news from Heidi MacDonald at Publisher’s Weekly. Alternative Comics and Secret Acres have just joined Consortium, one of the major distributors that caters to independent publishers and independent bookstores. Alternative and Secret Acres joined the ranks of former micro-presses Uncivilized Books and Koyama Press, who have also made the move. Toon Books also joined Consortium this year, so it’s clear the distributor is interested in adding graphic novels to their catalog.

This begs the question (to me, at least), are Alternative Comics and Secret Acres still micro-presses? Many people define a micro-press by its distribution: a small publisher that does not have commercial bookstore distribution is a micro-press. My definition is a little more complicated, but I agree distribution is key. I concede that Uncivilized and Koyama are no longer micro-presses, primarily because of their bookstore distribution.

In the end, this  definition might not matter. I am interested in Koyama, Uncivilized, Alternative, and Secret Acres. I’ll continue to talk about them at The Tiny Report, and I’ll probably keep them on my micro-press list too. If they’re not micro-presses, their close enough to be relevant to this conversation.

Congratulations, Alternative Comics and Secret Acres! More people need to be reading your books, and you can bet that’s what’s going to happen.


Seven Titles from Domino Books, Just $30


Not only can you get the first seven titles from Domino Books for just $30, that also includes free shipping ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. You can’t beat that. (I’m actually scratching my head trying to figure out how this makes financial sense for publisher Austin English.)

Spider Monkey, above, is one of my favorites Domino books.

Fall Pre-Order from So What? Press


So What? Press is releasing three new books over the next few weeks, which are available for pre-order right now. I’m especially interested in Crawlspace and City Chickens, they look really gorgeous!

I’m still figuring out So What. I might have been slow to pick up there Tales of the Night Watchman series because, and this is simply a matter of personal bias, I’m a bit lukewarm to indie takes on the super hero genre (which is what it appears to be).

So, what I know about of So What is this. It’s run Dave Kelly and Lara Antal, and it’s the only micro-press I can think of that’s run by a couple. It’s a very professional micro-press: Invisible Wounds was the first minicomic I’d ever seen with a barcode on it. They even own an LLC! They’re really good at promoting their stuff, and they seem to take publishing pretty seriously.


Recoil Comics Publishes Cold Crew


Happy Halloween! Rich Tommaso’s micro-press, Recoil Comics, just published its first comic by someone who is not Rich Tommaso. Cold Crew is a monster crime comic by Patrick Dean. It’s on my to-read list, and it looks pretty good.



Exhibitor Applications Open for CAKE

cake2015Applications are due December 15. It’s a curated show, so an advisory committee will select next year’s exhibitors. It’s great show with great community (but not much of selling show, from my experience).

Mail Call: Gazer by Carla McRae


I received my first issue from the Minicomic of the Month Club, direct from Australia’s Smaller Comics. Man, there’s a lot of good stuff coming out of Australia! This one is by Carla McRae. It’s a silent comic about, I think, a tender romance between a girl and a sasquatch. Very lovely.


Triple Release Party at Desert Island

Posts have been spotty here at the Tiny Report. Sorry about that. I just moved into a new apartment and started a new job, so my free time has been little-to-none.

But I’m getting back into the swing of things, starting with a release party for The Tiny Report: Micro-Press Yearbook 2013. It’s a joint release party with my dear friends Hazel Newlevant and Preston Spurlock.

Triple Release Party
with Hazel Newlevant, Robyn Chapman, and Preston Spurlock
Desert Island, 540 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn
Wednesday, October 22, 7-9pm

with readings by the authors and a song by Preston Spurlock

ITBSIf This be Sin by Hazel Newlevant

If This Be Sin is a square-bound collection of comics about queer women expressing themselves through music. It tells the stories of Gladys Bentley, the Harlem Renaissance blues singer and drag king, and Wendy and Lisa, the lesbian rock stars of Prince and the Revolution. Winner of the 2013 Prism Comics Queer Press Grant.


The Tiny Report: Micro-Press Yearbook 2013 by Robyn Chapman

The Tiny Report endeavors to chronicle the comics micro-press movement, and the Micro-Press Yearbook is its annual report. This publication includes a list of over 50 micro-publishers, and data from 40 of those is compiled into charts and graphs.

Robyn will also be debuting the other fall releases from Paper Rocket Minicomics: Limp Wrist and an untitled screen print by Preston Spurlock.

Limp Wrist by Scout Wolfcave and Penina Gal

prestonprintsuntitled screen print by Preston Spurlock

preston_minissTact, Sensual Delicacies 2, and Sensual Delicacies by Preston Spurlock

Preston Spurlock will be debuting three new comics: Tact, Sensual Delicacies, and Sensual Delicacies 2. Each collects drawings, cartoons, and short stories in Preston’s gonzo one-of-a-kind style.