Help Tom Spurgeon Update his Local Scene List

CCS2011atmosphere30Back in 2003, I was looking for a city to live in. I knew I wanted to live among cartoonists. (I ended up playing is safe and moving to New York.) I wish I had owned a copy of Tom Spurgeon’s Local Scene List back then. It’s a godsend for cartoonists who are trying to enter new communities and make new connections, especially communities that are more far-flung than New York.

Take a look at Tom’s list and help him update it if you can.

Right now, I’m working on a list of all the micro-publishers who were active in 2013, and I’m tracking their activity. That list only has about 50 names on it, but it’s still difficult (and often mind-numbing) work. My hat’s off to Tom!




Micro-Press Yearbook 2013

Hey, readers. Sorry the posts have slowed down. (If you haven’t already, check out the Ignatz nominees that were just announced.)

You might see less of me over the next few weeks because I’m cooking up something new. The Tiny Report is putting out its first publication. The Tiny Report: Micro-Press Yearbook 2013 will be a concise yet detailed essay about the micro-press movement. There will be charts and graphs. You can learn more and pre-order your copy at my Kickstarter.

Here’s the awesome cover Chuck Forsman drew for me!




Demon by Jason Shiga

demonI’ve been hearing about Demon, the new project Jason Shiga has been serializing online, for a while now. I was very curious about it, but I’ve kept my distance because I don’t like to read my comics on a computer screen. Call me old-fashioned.

So I was pretty excited to see a print version (Risograph printed, 2-color) of Demon #1 in my local comic shop. It turns out there are a lot of ways to read Demon, and at least one will suit your tastes. You can read it for free online, you can read it online and kick in a little each month via Patreon, you can subscribe to the whole run of 21 issues (in print or pdf form), or you can buy the individual issues.

I like Jason Shiga’s comics, so I will own this work in some form or the other. In issue one I found some familiar Shiga hallmarks: a mystery or puzzle to be (eventually) solved, the recurring character Jimmy Yee, and a healthy dose of weirdness and violence. Basically, the story is about a guy who, repeatedly and thoroughly, commits suicide. Yet, the next morning he wakes up in his bed, unscratched.

Shiga is a truly unique voice in comics, so you’ll be doing yourself a favor if you buy his stuff.

Jesse Reklaw Launches Lovf Kickstarter

lovfwebFull disclosure: Jesse Reklaw is my friend, roommate, and one of the authors I publish at Paper Rocket. Yet, amazingly, I’m not biased!

Jesse just launched the Kickstarter for Lovf, which will be published by Fantagraphics in the near future. This psychedelic travel journal chronicles a scary, crazy, difficult time for Jesse.  It’s a unique and gorgeous form of memoir, and unlike any book you’ve seen before (unless you read Lovf New York: Destination Crisis, an excerpt I published as a minicomic last year).

For just $25 you’ll get a copy of Lovf delivered to your door–so basically, this is a pre-order drive. There are some other cool rewards too (the Destination Crisis mini is available, and I’ll be making a limited edition screen print). And for just $5,000 you can get the honest-to-god, one-and-only sketchbook that is Lovf.

Keep Track of Cons with Con-Man


Just today I was saying to myself, “Gee, I wish there was a stylish app that would help me keep track of all these damn conventions.” And it turns out Nate Beaty already did that! Check out Con-Man, and Nate’s other creations (I’ve been a fan of his comics for years).

TCAF Opens Exhibitor Application for 2015

Toronto Comic Atrs Festival 2014

Would-be exhibitors, start your engines! TCAF just opened up the application process for their 2015 show, which will be held on Saturday May 9th and Sunday May 10th (with a Professional Development day on Friday May 8th). Don’t dilly-dally, because they are only accepting applications until October 17.

There is a new development for 2015. From the website:

“NEW FOR 2015: We are asking creators to exhibit every other year. If you exhibited in 2014 it is highly unlikely that you will be allocated a space for 2015 without extenuating circumstances (i.e., a major new print release, a gallery show, etc.). There are still many ways to participate in TCAF without a table and  Most publishers are exempted from this rule.”

I’m curious about which publishers would be exempt. Would this generally include micro-publishers? Would this include me? I attended TCAF for the first time this year, and I’d like to return in 2015. I’ll just apply and see what happens.

Root Hog or Die: the King-Cat Documentary on Kickstarter

59d4b29c87bf437235a0daea25e049a9_largeThe modest $5,000 goal has already been met, but it’s not too late to chip in. For just $15 you can get your own copy of Root Hog or Die, the new John Porcellino documentary.