Internet Comics #2 by Maré Odomo

I missed the first Internet Comics, and I don’t know anything about Maré Odomo. I’ve got to fix that, because this looks good and it seems everything that Sacred Prism does is worth owning.

Pre-order it here.


We Are Not Who We Are: an X-Files Zine

I never watched the X-Files, but I still dig this art zine. It was edited by Caroline Tompkins. Caroline is a photographer, and she printed this zine on some sort of fancy photography printer. It looks real nice. It has a limited print run, so don’t wait too long to order your copy.

cover by Ji Hyun Yu

Left: Lily Padula, Right: Rebecca HayesX-file_12
Left: Angela Dalinger, Right: Joey Cook

Oily Bundle Reviewed on The Beat

Jessica Lee wrote this detailed review of the Spring Oily Bundle for the Beat. Check it out! Pictured below is the Lou series by Melissa Mendes (A Very Special Lou was included in the bundle).


I don’t think (???) I’ve met Jessica Lee before, but I just browsed the articles she’s written for The Beat. Based on the books she chose to profile, I’d say she has great taste and a special interest in micro-publishing. I’d like to meet her. Jessica, holler if ya hear me.

Jason Martin Interview on Panel Patter

Rob Kirby did another one of his great mini-interviews for Panel Patter, this one with Jason Martin. Rob says this about Jason: “Jason’s work is marked by a stark, aching sincerity.” I’d say that’s apt. Jason’s comics make me feel emotions. Martin2.


2014 Eisner Nominees and the Small Press

The 2014 Eisner Award nominees were just announced by Comic-Con International. As someone with her eye on micro-publishing and small publishing, these nominees stuck out.

“Seaside Home” from Habit #1 was nominated for Best Short Story (by Josh Simmons, published by Oily Comics).habit.cvr_thumb

As the Crow Flies was nominated for Best Digital/Web (by Melanie Gillman, self-published in print and online).atcf-charlieface

Homesick was nominated for Best Graphic Album-New (by Jason Walz, published by Tinto Press).homesick

Smoke Signal was nominated for Best Anthology (edited by Gabe Fowler, published by Desert Island).Smoke_Signal_Ware

Loose Joints #1 by Jonny Negron



Loose Joints #1 by Jonny Negron is available for order on Space Face’s webstore. Here are the specs:

52 pages 
full color offset
6″ x 8″
perfect bound
ship in May

Space Face has a pretty large catalog, and it looks like 2014 will be an ambitious year for them.


Rust Belt #3 by Sean Knickerbocker

That’s good registration, Sean!


Buy Rust Belt #3, the latest from Good Pals Printing. I like Sean Knickerbocker’s comics, and I like Good Pals business model. They’re part publisher, part minicomic-makers-for-hire.