Micro-Press Yearbook 2016, Kickstarter, TCAF

A new issue of The Micro-Press Yearbook will debut at TCAF in just one week! We’re at table 234, on the second floor between Hidden Fortress Press and Breakdown Press. Pretty good company!

And for one more week, you can pre-order your issue through our Kickstarter!

I’m really proud of this issue. We profiled two institutions that are important to indie comics: The Beguiling comic book store in Toronto (which is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year) and publisher Sparkplug Comic Books (which closed in 2016 after 15 years). Jonathan Rotsztain wrote the Beguiling article, and in it he interviews owner Peter Birkemoe, Annie Koyama, Seth, and Michael DeForge.

I wrote the profile of Sparkplug Comic Books and interviewed publisher Virginia Paine.

And as usual, The Micro-Press Yearbook will include an annual account of micro-press activity, as best as I can track it.

Colin Lidston and Penina Gal will also be at my TCAF table, and they each have debut books. Colin is debuting his second issue of The Age of Elves (published by my own micro-press, Paper Rocket) and Penina is debuting Orbiting, a self-published Risograph comic.

Hope to see you there!

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