Micro-Press Yearbook 2015

Earlier this month I (finally) published the Micro-Press Yearbook 2015. I had hoped to release it in early 2016. I’m doing my best, but it’s getting harder to carve out time to publish with a demanding day job (that I very much love).

But it’s here, And I’m offering it for the low cost of $4, free shipping. Which basically just covers my costs. Consider it my gift to you, dear reader.

Order your copies here.




I published the Micro-Press Yearbook 2015 just in time to head down to Georgia for the Savannah College of Art and Design’s annual Minicomic Expo. SCAD is my alma mater, but I hadn’t been back in a long time. I first arrived there as a freshman TWENTY years ago. Hard to believe.

This is what I looked like back then. Note the Love and Rockets t-shirt and my roller skates, painted silver and stenciled with some of my favorite comic book characters.


Still looking good,right?14733252_326108841091644_5319797121900085248_n

Needless to say, it was an emotionally trip. This place was so significant to my younger self. I had forgotten that.

SCAD has changed a lot in the last twenty years. I think the greatest improvement to the Sequential Art department (or Sequa, as it’s casually know there) is its greater focus on self-publishing. That’s largely due to David Allan Duncan, the professor who invited me down. Duncan (as he’s known) teaches the minicomics class (there’s a minicomics class now!) and he’s responsible for the annual Minicomics Expo. The Expo is tiny comics convention held in a number of classrooms. Only students and alumni exhibit, and it’s free and open to the public. Each year one special guest is invited (usually an alum), and this year it was me.

While I was there I gave FIVE lectures over three days,  so I was pretty drained. One of the lectures was called Robyn Chapman: a Career in Comics. I thought that one would break me. I’m not super comfortable talking about myself or my career. I naturally want to put quotation marks around that word: “career.” But that’s bull. For the first time, I have a real, grown-up, full-time career. I guess it’s time to own it.

Here’s a collection of photos of students and alums exhibiting at the Expo. (Please correct me if I got any names wrong.)

scad1 Eugene Park had a really nice set-up

scad-8Al Pullen makes Pokemon butt pins out of sculpy. Pretty cool

scad-7 Scuzz Comics (Warren Bond?). This was his first show, but the pizza box display was a smart idea

Jordan Scribner and his partner at the Grad Lab podcast (sorry, I’m not sure of his name)
scad-3Sarah Myer, an MFA grad and a recent SCAD instructor

scad-2Fawn Prints has the Halloween vibe going on

SCAD treats its visiting artists very well. They put me up in the Magnolia House, a special bed and breakfast for visiting faculty. Here are some pics.

scad-13 scad10 scad-12 scad-11

I had a great time at SCAD, and I even sold some minis at the Minicomic Expo. Considering that I didn’t spend a dime, it might be my most profitable convention of all time.



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