Welcome to The Tiny Report!


Hello, micro-press enthusiasts! Welcome to The Tiny Report. This blog endeavors to chronicle the comics micro-press movement and spread awareness of its publications. To this end, The Tiny Report also offers a small distro.

The Tiny Report is the latest effort by me, Robyn Chapman, and I must admit it will be a part-time effort. I already have four jobs and a micro-press of my own. You might be wondering if I’m biting off more that I can chew, and I worry about this myself. But I’m going to give it my best shot.

If this is your first time here, I recommend you check out What is a Micro-Press? and The List. I’m trying to build a list of every current English-language micro-press in the world. The list I have is fairly complete. I’ll soon adding additional information to the list (for example, where each press is located and who runs it).

The Tiny Report is a work in progress, and I could use your help making it better. If you have any micropress news, press releases, or information about festivals and events, please contact me.

Yours Truly,

Robyn Chapman
Editor in Chief, etc.

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