Grand Comics Fest 2015 Recap

tr1sI’ve been a little out of the loop because I’m putting the finishing touches on this baby. I printed up twenty copies for Grand Comics Fest. Look for the Kickstarter this weekend if you missed it.

On Saturday I tabled at Grand Comics Fest, aka the world’s smallest comics convention. It was a narrow room filled with friends, and just 15 minutes away on the L train. I liked it. It was chill and friendly, and I even made some money. I’m not sure it’s a festival worth traveling for, but it’s a good neighborhood show that you can peruse in just a half hour (longer if you want to chat with each table, which is easy to do).

The show at a glance, housed in Bird River Studios in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

 Lara Antal of So What? Press.

The spread at Ink Brick’s table.

J.T. Yost of Birdcage Bottom Books.

Dave Nuss of Revival House Press.

Josh Bayer of Suspect Device, etc.

I discovered a new micro-press at this show. Phinkwell is a Philadelphia-based webcomics collective/publisher. Art Baxter seems to be at the helm. One of their authors, Steve Teare, was at Grand with his comic series Back and Forth.

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