Floating World 2014 Sales Report

In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo massacre, I held off on posting much in the last week.  There is news in the world of comics that deserves your attention, and it trumps my micro-press musings. But I’m getting back into the swing of things.

sIMG_2472-1024x682In case you missed it, last week Jason Leivian, proprietor of Floating World Comics (which is high on the short list of best comics shops in America), posted his top-selling comics of 2014. Interestingly, not a single book by Marvel or DC cracked the top 25 in terms of net sales.

While Desert Island doesn’t record this kind of sales data, as I clerk there I can report that all of Floating World’s top books were very familiar to us. It seem Desert Island’s sales track in a pretty similar way. The Saga series, The Incal, and Megahex were always in demand. And a fun little zine called How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety (a bargain at just $2) is flying off the shelf.



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