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Uncivilized Books Announces Fall 2015 Subscription

new_construction_tempUncivilized Books has announced a fall list of three booksNew Construction by Sam Alden, Houses of the Holy by Caitlin Skaalrud, and The Deaths of Henry King by Brian Evenson, Jesse Ball and Lilli Carré. A subscription of all three can be had for $55, shipping included. You can also pre-order each book at a discount.

I’m looking forward to New Construction, which includes the short story Backyard. I think it’s my favorite of Sam Alden’s so far.


Retrofit 2015 Subscription

tumblr_nj93b8iEj01qibjs1o1_500With twelve new titles on their list, 2015 is shaping up to be Retrofit’s most ambitious year yet. I thought this might signal a return to their roots: they launched with a plan to publish one alt floppy a month for a year (they ended up publishing seventeen). But their 2015 list isn’t a list of floppies.  These comics are different shapes and sizes (one of them will be a 100+ page book by Steve Weissman). I’m particularly excited about Olivier Schrauwen’s Mowgli’s Mirror. Previously, I had only seen the beautiful square bound  French edition, which was a little too pricey for me.

You can get the whole list at $75 for print or $35 for digital. I really hate reading comics on a screen, and this is the first offering that’s really tempted me. I might  bite.

And here’s an innovative bonus: if you get the print subscription, they’ll send a free comic to a friend of your choice. That’s a really smart way to grow you audience.tumblr_nheobhutnK1qibjs1o1_500


Youth in Decline Offers 2015 Subscription

I subscribed to their 2014 list and I really enjoyed it. You can get the next four issues of Frontier for $35, shipping included. It’s hard to go wrong with Youth in Decline.

Check out these preview images, including a sexy one by Michael Deforge!

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Uncivilized Books Announces Spring Line and Subscription

True Swamp Book 2 by Jon Lewis, with rad title lettering by Michael DeForge

Uncivilized Books is releasing three new books in spring 2015: Borb by Jason Little, Robot Investigator by Vincent Stall, and True Swamp Book 2 by Jon Lewis. You can pre-order all three for just $55.

I’m a little confused: the website claims that it’s $50 plus free shipping, but when you add it to your shopping cart it’s actually $55. So I’m guessing the mention of free shipping is an error. Unless sales tax is being added? A good deal, either way.

Mail Call: Gazer by Carla McRae


I received my first issue from the Minicomic of the Month Club, direct from Australia’s Smaller Comics. Man, there’s a lot of good stuff coming out of Australia! This one is by Carla McRae. It’s a silent comic about, I think, a tender romance between a girl and a sasquatch. Very lovely.


Minicomic of the Month Club from Smaller Comics

site-headerEven though  it’s in its third year, I hadn’t heard of Minicomic of the Month Club. I also hadn’t heard of Smaller Comics (the publisher/collective/mysterious entity?) who puts it together. They’re from Australia and their stuff looks good!

I appreciate how they embrace the term “minicomic.” As they put it, “Minicomics are the best comics, and suprise minicomics are the best minicomics.”

A year subscription delivered to America is just $40 AUD (which, if understand my Paypal transaction correctly, is $38.69 in American dollars). Don’t wait around, because subscriptions will close on July 31 and they are limited to 300.

2D Cloud Announces 2014 Subscriptions

There are quite a few options, and at significant discounts. 2D Cloud is limiting this sale to only 100 subscribers, so don’t wait around.


One of the titles being offered is Dragon’s Breath and Other True Stories by MariNaomi. Dragon’s Breath is being co-published by 2D Cloud and Uncivilized Books. I’m not sure if this sort micro-press mash-up is unique, but I can’t remember seeing one before it. (Note, Tom K. takes issue with me calling Uncivilized a micro-press, and he’s probably got something there. But he’s a one-man-publisher, and that’s significant to me.)


Last Days to Pre-Order Foxing Print Series

I’m always interested in how small presses raise money, and this is a subscription model that’s new to me. Foxing Quarterly is offering a limited-edition print series which can be pre-ordered at a reduced rate this week only. The sale ends Tuesday March 25.

Foxing Quarterly is literary/arts journal out of Austin, Texas. The publication has a lot of polish, and some significant cartoonists are among their contributors (Jim Rugg, Gabriel Bell, etc.). Check out their website, I’m pretty impressed with how well it’s designed.

This will be their second annual print series. The theme is READ and the designs are inspired by vintage children’s library posters. Each print is limited to only 50 editions.

I really like this one by Cole Closser.


Space Face Announces 2014 Subscription

This is interesting. One of the reasons I don’t offer subscriptions is that I’m bad at long-term planning. I’m not sure what Paper Rocket will put out in the next year. Sure, it will probably be 3-4 books, but which ones, and what will they cost? How can I offer a subscription in advance? Space Face has a solution.


“We loved our subscription service last year but wanted to free ourselves from the constraint of a period of time. We’ve decided that spontaneous additions to the line-up are important, and, therefore, we do not guarantee any specific book as a part of the subscription. What we do guarantee is that you’ll receive $50 or $100 worth of books with free shipping + an extra book or two!”