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Week in Review: Dog City Press, Minicomic of the Month Club, Birdcage Bottom

Another Anthology from Dog City Presstumblr_nta5d1Lh6T1s64julo1_1280

Dog City Press is a collaborative of CCS graduates with a predilection for making exquisitely handcrafted comic anthologies. Their past three issues have consisted of screen printed box sets filled with minicomics. Dog City 4 will be a real-deal book, with a spine. And this is interesting: each story is a collaboration between two cartoonists. You can pre-order it here.

Monthly Minicomics from Australiatop

Smaller Comics is once again offering their Minicomic of the Month  Club. I subscribed last year, and I enjoyed the variety of material I received. They’re always a short read, but good. It’s $48 for the year if you live in the US—a bargain, if you ask me.

New Books from Birdcage Bottomunnamed
Birdcage Bottom Books is releasing three new books: Bangs and Beard Diary by  Melinda Tracy Boyce and Aaron Whitaker, Left Empty #1 by Jamie Vayda and Alan King, and Pyramid Scheme by Josh Burggraf and Victor Kerlow. Bangs and Beard Diary is on my list of SPX debuts to pick up. Looks cute!


Mail Call: Gazer by Carla McRae


I received my first issue from the Minicomic of the Month Club, direct from Australia’s Smaller Comics. Man, there’s a lot of good stuff coming out of Australia! This one is by Carla McRae. It’s a silent comic about, I think, a tender romance between a girl and a sasquatch. Very lovely.


Minicomic of the Month Club from Smaller Comics

site-headerEven though  it’s in its third year, I hadn’t heard of Minicomic of the Month Club. I also hadn’t heard of Smaller Comics (the publisher/collective/mysterious entity?) who puts it together. They’re from Australia and their stuff looks good!

I appreciate how they embrace the term “minicomic.” As they put it, “Minicomics are the best comics, and suprise minicomics are the best minicomics.”

A year subscription delivered to America is just $40 AUD (which, if understand my Paypal transaction correctly, is $38.69 in American dollars). Don’t wait around, because subscriptions will close on July 31 and they are limited to 300.