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Micro-Press Yearbook 2014 Available for Order

(Sorry for the long absence. I’ve just returned from a comic historian’s dream vacation, to the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum. More on that soon!)


I’ve sent out all my Kickstarter awards (thanks again, guys!) and the Micro-Press Yearbook 2014 can now be ordered at my store. Just five bucks, plus shipping.

This issue was a more ambitious (and time-consuming) project than last year’s. It’s now 32 pages and full color. Inside you’ll find an article about distribution by Whit Taylor, an interview with kuš! publisher David Schilter by Rob Kirby, and all the 2014 data I could gather. There’s even a map by Cadu França charting where US micro-presses are located, state by state. This awesome cover is by Box Brown.

Thanks, and enjoy. I hope to get on a more steady Tiny Report schedule soon.


Rob Kirby’s Top 10 Minicomics of 2014

Rob Kirby just released his fourth annual list of top minicomics of 2014. It’s funny: the number one thing I follow, study, or know anything about is minicomics. But most of this list was unfamiliar to me. There’s a big world of small comics out there!

For example, I just discovered that Sparkplug launched their Mini Series, a new line of minicomics. The line will spotlight new and under-appreciated authors, and each titles is limited to a print run of 500. The first in the series,  Hungry Summer by Asher Z. Craw, made Rob’s 2014 list.


I hate to toot my own horn but…toot toot! Limp Wrist by Scout Wolfcave and Penina Gal, published by my own Paper Rocket Minicomics, also made the list. You can buy it in the Tiny Report shop. I must admit, I proud of that little book.


Rob Kirby’s 2014 Review Round Up


Rob Kirby offers this review round-up of eleven small press titles from 2014. Bet you haven’t read them all (or even heard of them all, for that matter)! Included are books from Yeti Press, Sparkplug, Czap, Oily, and some self-published titles.

Jason Martin Interview on Panel Patter

Rob Kirby did another one of his great mini-interviews for Panel Patter, this one with Jason Martin. Rob says this about Jason: “Jason’s work is marked by a stark, aching sincerity.” I’d say that’s apt. Jason’s comics make me feel emotions. Martin2.


Mini-Interview with Kelly Froh

Rob Kirby offered this brief interview with Kelly Froh on Panel Patter. I like Kelly’s work, and I’ve enjoyed how it compliments Max Clotfelter’s when they collaborate. What can I say, cartoonist couples fascinate me.

This interview brought to my attention some titles I’m unfamiliar with (I’ll have to do something about that). I’m encouraged to see that she’s writing about aging and elder care, something that isn’t written, acknowledged, or thought about enough in our society.




Rob Kirby Announces New Anthology

Following on the heels of Tablegeddon, Rob Kirby announced that he will be publishing another themed anthology later this year. It will be called Pratfall and it’s all about calamity and accidents. I’m digging his contributor list, so I’ll be sure to snag a copy when it’s available.

From the top: Rob Kirby, MariNaomi, and Noah Van Sciver
prat3 prat2 prat1