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Revival House Press to Publish Mardou’s Sky in Stereo

cover_sky-WIP-2cI just learned that Revival House Press will be publishing Sky in Stereo by Mardou. I think this is a significant development for Revival House because (1)  to my knowledge, it’s their first graphic novel and (2) it might be their first “straight” comic—and by that, I just mean that publisher Dave Nuss tends towards comics that are a goofy, trippy, or somewhat bizarre. Sky in Stereo is a semi-autobiographical slice-of-life story, and I think Mardou is the publisher’s first female author, so this feels like a new direction for them. It’s good stuff, and I’m glad Dave will be publishing it. Because of the Alternative Comics Co-Op, getting a copy should be pretty easy (from Diamond, Amazon, etc.)

Micro-Press Party Thursday at Desert Island

Did you hear? You can pre-order the Micro-Press Yearbook 2014 on my Kickstarter.

I’ll be releasing the zine at Desert Island in Brooklyn this Thursday. I’ve also invited two micro-presses from the neighborhood to join: So What? Press and Revival House Press. It will be a micro-press party, which is kind of like a Tupperware party, except we’re selling small press comics.

Micro-Press Party at Desert Island
Thursday, June 25, 7-9pm
540 Metropolitan Ave

Letters to Meathaus

I haven’t checked in on the art collective Methaus for a while, but it turns out they still have an active and well-designed web presence. The crown jewel of that, IMHO, is their Letters Page.

In their words:

“Remember when you read comics on paper in pamphlet form and they would have a letters column with reader’s words and drawings? Yeah! Here is our Letters Page. Send Meathaus a real letter through the real mail to the address on the Contact page and we will scan it and put it here with a link to your website along with a response. Keep sending us letters!”

This is an excellent idea (so excellent I might just steal it).

Revival House sent them Alamo Value Plus. Hey, did you know you could order this book from The Tiny Report distro?

In the beginning, zines and minicomics were tied closely to the US Postal Service. We still have those ties, but not like we used to. There’s something special about seeing a new mini next to handwritten letter.

Anyone who cares about micro-presses should be watching this page. And micro-publishers, send them your stuff.

Pre-MoCCA Comic Book Party

Getting to Park Slope from Queens isn’t an easy task. But three of my favorite NY-area micro-presses are throwing a party, so it’s worth the trip.premocca

Ritual #3 Available for Pre-Order

Revival House will debut the third issue of Malachi Ward’s Ritual #3 on June 25th. I like creative, non-mainstream takes on sci-fi, so I enjoyed the first two issues of this series (I also like David Nuss as a publisher and I pick up his books whenever I can). But what really excites me is this: Alternative Comics will be distributing this book. It’s even being listed in Previews (Order Code: APR140824). These days, Diamond is a hard nut to crack for small publishers. This offers a glimmer of hope. (Though, what we really need is a major indie distributor).

It’s also nice to see that the new Alternative Comics (under Marc Arsenault) is playing one of the roles of the old Alternative Comics (under Jeff Mason): providing a distribution method available to him, a largish-small publisher, that is not available to us, the very small publishers.


Ritual 3