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Week in Review: CAB, Nix Comics, Pyrite Press

CAB Poster Released
CAB2015Look at this sexy poster for CAB 2015. Special guest Dan Clowes! 

Nix Comics of Columbus, OH
By way of the Comics Reporter, I learned about a little publisher that looks like a micro-press to me. Nix Comics is run by Ken Eppstein out of Columbus. Tom Spurgeon describes him as am “ethical publisher” (he pays his authors, and could probably get away without doing so). Ken had Nix’s origin story drawn as a comic, which is a pretty great idea. (Though I could do without the panel where a man describing music to an ignorant girl.)

I’m interested in checking out Nix—I think the parallels between the small press and record store ownership is pretty interesting. But if I were to be 100% honest, the cover design on their books could use some work, and it’s a little hard to see past that.

Nix is currently doing a Kickstarter for its latest anthology. It’s a pretty fun concept: horror stories with garage and punk rock inspirations.

New Micro-Press: Pyrite Presspepperbreath

Bryce Gold just announced that he’s starting a new small publishing house called Pyrite Press. I’ve met Bryce through the New York community, but I don’t know much about him. It turns out he has worked in trade publishing and for a literary agency, and I’m curious how that experience will benefit a micro-press. His first project is a Digimon-themed anthology called Pepper Breath, which you can pre-order now. It looks pretty promising, though the $18 price might be a touch high for a 68-page book (even for full-color and perfect binding—perhaps it has art book qualities  that account for that).

I’m happy to have another small publisher in New York, and in my own neighborhood, even. If I remember correctly, Pyrite Press is the third micro-press in Ridgewood, Queens.