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High-Low Profiles Ray Ray Books

Rob Clough of High-Low has offered this profile of Cody Pickrodt’s Ray Ray Books. In case you didn’t know, Rob has a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm for minicomics.tumblr_inline_n4uj73WvbD1qeogka

This is unrelated, but while I was searching for an image for this post (and I found the one above) I came across Cody’s excellent scene report of the Brooklyn Zine Fest. I’ll wager it’s the most complete photo record of this show. It’s worth checking out.


Cody Pickrodt Interviewed on Panel Patter

Rob Kirby interviewed cartoonist and micro-publisher Cody Pickrodt for Panel Patter. I have to admit that I’m new to Panel Patter, but it looks like they have a lot of content (I’m particularly interested in their posts tagged “mini-comics”).

And hey, I’ve started disto-ing a few of Cody’s titles in the shop.