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Tiny Report / Paper Rocket Tour

SPRINGTOURLast weekend I looked at my calendar and FREAKED OUT, because I had gone overboard applying for festivals and committing to events. I had accidentally committed to six comics events over the next seven weeks. When I complained on Facebook, Box Brown pointed out that what I actually had done was booked a tour! So here’s the Tiny Report / Paper Rocket Accidental Spring Tour 2015.

March 28-29: RIPE in Providence, RI
Micro-Press and distro panel at 1pm on the 29th

April 5: KGB Comix Night in New York, NY

April 11-12: MoCCA Fest in New York, NY

April 20-21: CCS class visit in White River Jct, VT
Lectures with students about micro-publishing and editing

April 26: Brooklyn Zine Fest in Brooklyn, NY

May 9-10: TCAF in Toronto, Ontario

Hope to see you there! Please bring me words of encouragement and snacks. It’s going to be an intense month and a half.

Panel Patter Spotlights Maple Key Comics

I haven’t been keeping up with Maple Key Comics as well as I should. From what I can tell, it emerged from the community around the Center for Cartoon Studies (with Joyana McDiarmid at the helm) and many of CCS’s newer alumni are among the contributors (along with instructor Jon Chad and fellow Nicole Georges). Rob McMonigal compared it to Mome, and that seems apt. It’s mixture of young and less-young talent doing serialized stories.

Panel Patter spotlighted the series (issue 1 reviewed here and issue 2 reviewed here). Have you seen the cover of issue two by  Dan Rinylo? It looks like something Nobrow would have published (that’s a compliment).


Job Opening at CCS

This isn’t about micro-presses, per se. But you’d be hard pressed to find an institution that supports self published and small published comics more than The Center for Cartoon Studies. They are looking for a new operations manager to handle the day-to-day operations  of the school. The new candidate will have big shoes to fill. Valerie Fleisher, who has held the position for several years, has been a real asset to the school. Valerie and her family are moving out of Vermont. I wish them luck!