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Mail Call: Gazer by Carla McRae


I received my first issue from the Minicomic of the Month Club, direct from Australia’s Smaller Comics. Man, there’s a lot of good stuff coming out of Australia! This one is by Carla McRae. It’s a silent comic about, I think, a tender romance between a girl and a sasquatch. Very lovely.


Minicomic of the Month Club from Smaller Comics

site-headerEven though  it’s in its third year, I hadn’t heard of Minicomic of the Month Club. I also hadn’t heard of Smaller Comics (the publisher/collective/mysterious entity?) who puts it together. They’re from Australia and their stuff looks good!

I appreciate how they embrace the term “minicomic.” As they put it, “Minicomics are the best comics, and suprise minicomics are the best minicomics.”

A year subscription delivered to America is just $40 AUD (which, if understand my Paypal transaction correctly, is $38.69 in American dollars). Don’t wait around, because subscriptions will close on July 31 and they are limited to 300.