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Panel Patter Spotlights Maple Key Comics

I haven’t been keeping up with Maple Key Comics as well as I should. From what I can tell, it emerged from the community around the Center for Cartoon Studies (with Joyana McDiarmid at the helm) and many of CCS’s newer alumni are among the contributors (along with instructor Jon Chad and fellow Nicole Georges). Rob McMonigal compared it to Mome, and that seems apt. It’s mixture of young and less-young talent doing serialized stories.

Panel Patter spotlighted the series (issue 1 reviewed here and issue 2 reviewed here). Have you seen the cover of issue two by  Dan Rinylo? It looks like something Nobrow would have published (that’s a compliment).


We Are Not Who We Are: an X-Files Zine

I never watched the X-Files, but I still dig this art zine. It was edited by Caroline Tompkins. Caroline is a photographer, and she printed this zine on some sort of fancy photography printer. It looks real nice. It has a limited print run, so don’t wait too long to order your copy.

cover by Ji Hyun Yu

Left: Lily Padula, Right: Rebecca HayesX-file_12
Left: Angela Dalinger, Right: Joey Cook

Suspect Device Kickstarter


Josh Bayer is kickstarting his fourth issue of the Suspect Device anthology. Suspect Device is a concept loosely based on Five-Card Nancy. The challenge is to incorporate two panels of existing comics into a new strip. You paste one panel at the beginning, one at the end, and draw what happens in-between. The source material is usually from classic comic strips like Nancy and Popeye, or newer strips like Garfield. Suspect Device #4 will also include material from the Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopedia. Should be fun!

Even if you’re not a fan of Kickstarter, this project is worth a gander. A low pledge of $13 (which is in the neighborhood of retail + shipping) gets you the book AND an ink-wash drawing by Josh Bayer. This tells me one thing, and this is already pretty obvious: Josh can crank out an ink-wash drawing with ease and speed.