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The Cupcake Award: a Minicomics Award from CAKE

cupcakeannouncementI just got some exciting news from Brian Cremins. CAKE has created a new minicomics award that will debut at the 2015 show. The winner will get a half table at CAKE and a small cash award ($250 towards printing costs), and it will go to an emerging cartoonists (only cartoonists who have yet to have a solo work published by a publisher are eligible). The winner will also get some mentoring from Annie Koyama (who will choose the winner from 20 nominees).

Applications are due August 31.

Interview with Annie Koyama on Make It Then Tell Everyone

I can’t wait to listen to this interview with Annie Koyama! (Of Koyama Press, of course, the biggest of the littles–and maybe too big to be considered a micro-press.) annie

She was interviewed by Dan Berry, who I’m not familiar with. but look at this comics he made. Looks pretty good!

carry me.indd