Revival House Press to Publish Mardou’s Sky in Stereo

cover_sky-WIP-2cI just learned that Revival House Press will be publishing Sky in Stereo by Mardou. I think this is a significant development for Revival House because (1)  to my knowledge, it’s their first graphic novel and (2) it might be their first “straight” comic—and by that, I just mean that publisher Dave Nuss tends towards comics that are a goofy, trippy, or somewhat bizarre. Sky in Stereo is a semi-autobiographical slice-of-life story, and I think Mardou is the publisher’s first female author, so this feels like a new direction for them. It’s good stuff, and I’m glad Dave will be publishing it. Because of the Alternative Comics Co-Op, getting a copy should be pretty easy (from Diamond, Amazon, etc.)

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