Support the Comics Reporter on Patreon


I just supported the Comics Reporter Patreon, and you should too. It was my first time using Patreon, and it’s pretty painless.

In case you missed it, Tom Spurgeon launched his Patreon last week, with the goal of expanding and improving the Comics Reporter. From Tom:

“I’d like to start from scratch and rebuild what comics industry journalism means, employing some of the same tools I use with the site now and looking into different ways of writing and presenting information. I’d like to step back from the kind of coverage that requires constant attention to a Twitter feed or that you buy something first and instead use gathered, curated presentation of the news — at first in PDF format — to start writing a first draft of comics history that includes everything going on in comics, history that won’t disappear if you look away from your computer for five minutes.”

This is pretty exciting for me, because it sounds like there will be a Comics Reporter zine for me to read, and that’s a form that’s a little more palatable to me. Don’t get me wrong: I like blogs, but I never was Johnny-on-the twitter. I’m not good at keeping up with the Internet; I’d rather read a book (or a pdf printout, even) on the subway.

I’m also excited because the Comics Reporter is basically my number one inspiration as an amateur journalist. I could give two shits about the latest comic book movie, so I appreciate that Tom is focused on the Medium, and that his voice as a reader and lover of comics always shines through.

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