Fütchi Perf Available for Pre-Order

jczap1The Tiny Report has been MIA for awhile now. Making, printing, and shipping the Micro-Press 2014 took longer than I thought it would! But the last Kickstarter award is going in the mail tomorrow, so I’m easing back into the amateur journalism you’ve come to expect at The Tiny Report.

Kevin Czap has made his latest comic available for pre-orderFütchi Perf is an 84-page, two-color Risograph book and it looks gorgeous. Wow, it has an ISBN, too! Kevin is serious.

I know Kevin more from his publishing at Czap Books, and his output in the last year or two has made it one of my favorite micro-presses. I’m glad to know Kevin can really draw too. I dig the art, and this sounds like a story I can get behind.

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