Festival Season and Jon Chad’s Minicomic Minute

logo-imageI’ve been meaning to write about Festival Season for a while now. It appeared on the scene this year and is devoted to self-published and micro-published comics, and the events and festivals that celebrate them. It was created and lovingly designed by Kenan Rubenstein. The articles are top-notch. I look at Festival Season and I know what it is to be an amateur blogger! Truth is, I might not have started The Tiny Report if Festival Season was around back then.


My favorite feature is Minicomic Minute by Jon Chad. Minicomic Minute offers short video reviews of minicomics, with a spotlight on production. Being a teacher of design and production at The Center for Cartoon Studies (which, in my opinion, has the most robust curriculum when it comes to handmade comics) Jon is perfectly suited to the task.

I worked with Jon at CCS, and when it comes to minicomic production our brains work in very similar ways. The production of his books is often conceptual and labor intensive, veering close (and sometimes landing comfortably in) the realm of book art.  In my opinion, you couldn’t find a better teacher on this subject.

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