Fall Pre-Order from So What? Press


So What? Press is releasing three new books over the next few weeks, which are available for pre-order right now. I’m especially interested in Crawlspace and City Chickens, they look really gorgeous!

I’m still figuring out So What. I might have been slow to pick up there Tales of the Night Watchman series because, and this is simply a matter of personal bias, I’m a bit lukewarm to indie takes on the super hero genre (which is what it appears to be).

So, what I know about of So What is this. It’s run Dave Kelly and Lara Antal, and it’s the only micro-press I can think of that’s run by a couple. It’s a very professional micro-press: Invisible Wounds was the first minicomic I’d ever seen with a barcode on it. They even own an LLC! They’re really good at promoting their stuff, and they seem to take publishing pretty seriously.


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