Demon by Jason Shiga

demonI’ve been hearing about Demon, the new project Jason Shiga has been serializing online, for a while now. I was very curious about it, but I’ve kept my distance because I don’t like to read my comics on a computer screen. Call me old-fashioned.

So I was pretty excited to see a print version (Risograph printed, 2-color) of Demon #1 in my local comic shop. It turns out there are a lot of ways to read Demon, and at least one will suit your tastes. You can read it for free online, you can read it online and kick in a little each month via Patreon, you can subscribe to the whole run of 21 issues (in print or pdf form), or you can buy the individual issues.

I like Jason Shiga’s comics, so I will own this work in some form or the other. In issue one I found some familiar Shiga hallmarks: a mystery or puzzle to be (eventually) solved, the recurring character Jimmy Yee, and a healthy dose of weirdness and violence. Basically, the story is about a guy who, repeatedly and thoroughly, commits suicide. Yet, the next morning he wakes up in his bed, unscratched.

Shiga is a truly unique voice in comics, so you’ll be doing yourself a favor if you buy his stuff.

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