Letters to Meathaus

I haven’t checked in on the art collective Methaus for a while, but it turns out they still have an active and well-designed web presence. The crown jewel of that, IMHO, is their Letters Page.

In their words:

“Remember when you read comics on paper in pamphlet form and they would have a letters column with reader’s words and drawings? Yeah! Here is our Letters Page. Send Meathaus a real letter through the real mail to the address on the Contact page and we will scan it and put it here with a link to your website along with a response. Keep sending us letters!”

This is an excellent idea (so excellent I might just steal it).

Revival House sent them Alamo Value Plus. Hey, did you know you could order this book from The Tiny Report distro?

In the beginning, zines and minicomics were tied closely to the US Postal Service. We still have those ties, but not like we used to. There’s something special about seeing a new mini next to handwritten letter.

Anyone who cares about micro-presses should be watching this page. And micro-publishers, send them your stuff.

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