Grand Comics Festival Recap

I was only able to drop into the Grand Comics Festival for an hour before my shift at Desert Island. Here’s a brief recap.

Grand Comics Festival is perhaps the smallest comics festival I’ve ever been to. It’s a friendly and intimate show, well-curated and almost entirely local. There is no programming, The admission is free, which feels right for this sort of show. This is its second year, and they made the switch from a weekend show to Saturday-only. This was the right choice; last year it felt like a one-day show that went on too long.

It seems to me that the show was curated to the taste of its organizer, Pat Dorian. And I like Pat’s taste. My only complaint is that I’d like to see some new blood. I saw very few strangers in the room. At the same time I want to commend Pat on attracting some big hitters, like R. Sikoryak and David Sandlin.

Bird River Studios in Williamsburg hosts the event

GCF14_3sThe organizer of the show, Pat Dorian

The show floor

Kriota Willberg embroiders scenes from a colonoscopy

J.T. Yost of Birdcage Bottom

GCF14_5s Alden Viguilla and  Alexandra Beguez

GCF14_7sJess Ruliffson and Lara Antal talk to Dre Grigoropol

The ever photogenic Robin Ha

Josh Bayer and Aaron Cockle

Jess Worby and Keren Katz

Aaron Cockle

GCF14_14sI want all this cute stuff from Sara Varon


3 responses to “Grand Comics Festival Recap

  1. Please never stop doing these reports, they’re really great!

  2. Robyn Chapman

    Aw, thanks Rob! You’re nice.

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