Throwback Thursday: Dirtbag #7 by David Kiersh (2002)

I like Throwback Thursday. How could I not? I like old photos and
old memories. I’m sentimental.

I thought it would be fun to dig into my minicomics collection on
Thursdays and find a special specimen that is at least 10 years old.
Let’s see if it catches on.

Dirtbag #7 by David Kiersh (2002)



As far as I can tell, this mini was Riso printed in green ink and, according to David, published six times a year!

I always liked David Kiersh’s early work, when it was sentimental and
scribbly. It was whimsical stuff. If I’m to be honest, his more recent
work is a little too cold and polished for my tastes. But I’ve always
respected him for creating work of his own unique vision (which can be a little weird), and never pandering to what’s popular and commercial. His interest in the lives of troubled teens and his sincere appreciation for the after-school special always shines through.


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