Commuter by Kris Mukai

I hadn’t seen the work of Kris Mukai before meeting her at this year’s MoCCA Fest, but I’m told she’s been in the community for at least a few years. I was immediately drawn to the cover of Commuter, as I’ve witnessed that very scene on public transit before. The book’s content is similarly themed and based on true events.

I liked this book a lot. Kris has a cartoony style that I’m partial too, and these gags hit their mark. You can order Commuter for $10, which I believe includes shipping within the US.


BONUS: Kris gave me a free Risograph poster, and it’s all about Risograph printing. It does a good job of explaining how the machine works.risopostertumblr_mxrh4xOgqq1qawfkqo1_1280

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