MoCCA 2014 Recap

mocca2014_15s I had a blast and there were so many good comics! Here are the top five changes to the MoCCA Arts Fest (as heard by me).

2. Hey, the entrance fee is just $5!
3. Wait, you have to pay another $5 for the program?
4. The table layout is horizontal rather than vertical. I think they fit in more tables, but I couldn’t say for certain.
5. There’s a weird restaurant in the back. You can get a coffee for two bucks. that’s ok, I guess.

Here are some familiar faces: Jason Little and daughter Zellie, Nick Bertozzi, Connie Sun, and Gabe Fowler.

Jesse Reklaw and Hazel Newlevant.

The spectacular table spread of Greg Kletsel, one of Excellence Award winners.

Jess Ruliffson also took home an award.

mocca2014_13sDavid Plunkert too. Winners not pictured: Luke Healy and Alexandra Bequez.

Is it just me, or does Charlie Brown have a boner?

Tom Kaczynski of Uncivilized Books.

Chris Pitzer of Adhouse.

Parsons had a fancy table set-up, and a Marilyn Monroe look-a-like.

mocca2014_12sThe handsome men of the Yeah Dude/Drippy Bones/Sacred Prism table: Pat Aulisio, Keenan Keller, and Matt Krabe .

mocca2014_14sOn the second day, the fancy Charlie Brown balloon needed a little support.

Austin Enlish of Domino Books.

OHaBEAR, the amazing pop-up book of Simon Arizpe, is demonstrated.

mocca2014_3sMy haul.

5 responses to “MoCCA 2014 Recap

  1. Nice haul! The guy to the right of Pat Aulisio is Keenan Marshall Keller.

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  4. Keenan Keller and Matt Krabe at Pat Aulisio’s table.

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