Ritual #3 Available for Pre-Order

Revival House will debut the third issue of Malachi Ward’s Ritual #3 on June 25th. I like creative, non-mainstream takes on sci-fi, so I enjoyed the first two issues of this series (I also like David Nuss as a publisher and I pick up his books whenever I can). But what really excites me is this: Alternative Comics will be distributing this book. It’s even being listed in Previews (Order Code: APR140824). These days, Diamond is a hard nut to crack for small publishers. This offers a glimmer of hope. (Though, what we really need is a major indie distributor).

It’s also nice to see that the new Alternative Comics (under Marc Arsenault) is playing one of the roles of the old Alternative Comics (under Jeff Mason): providing a distribution method available to him, a largish-small publisher, that is not available to us, the very small publishers.


Ritual 3


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