Latest Haul: Old King-Cat

Working at a comic book store has its advantages. When we acquire a collection of rare minicomics, I get first dibs (or second dibs, really, after the store’s owner). This week I nabbed some early issues of King-Cat, including #46, which is from way back in 1994! It’s almost impossible to find old issues of King-Cat.

Pictured here is Littles, Jesse Reklaw’s cat. She’s a famous minicomic cat, though less famous than Maisie Kukoc or Spandy Kochalka (R.I.P. x2).

kc1Here’s a John P. collage I’d never seen before, dating back to (at least) 1994.

One thing I noticed about these old issues is that Porcellino was using the titles King-Cat Classix and Diary of a Mosquito Abatement Man long before that work was published in book form (unlike Chester Brown, who gave I Never Liked You at least one name change).

If any of my readers have issues of King-Cat predating #50 that they’re trying to get rid of, they should give me a holler.

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